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Hello all,

Here is my scenario, We are using additional zero before any number to call external numbers for example 001577412XXXX. To meet this requirement, I have mentioned prefix “0” in outbound routes so every time this additional zero is stripped from original number.

Problem occurred: When anyone wants to use redial option either from softphone or desk phone it doesn’t work because the additional zero is missing for example the caller id in softphone or desk phone is 01577412XXXX.

Solved this Problem: I managed to solve this problem by using “Set caller ID” module. Now I am adding additional zero with each incoming number “0${CALLERID(num)}” and hence problem resolved. Now all desk phone and softphone are getting incoming calls with additional zero e.g 001577412XXXX.

Another Problem: Now this is the issue where I need your help! When the end user uses call forward button in their desk phones, The call is forwarded to desired number but the caller ID they are getting is very confusing. They are getting +1577412XXXX instead of 01577412XXXX. The number is German Mobile number so it should be with area code +49 1577412XXXX if its shown in E164 format.

Now the user who is receiving this call on there forwarding devices are confused whether its a number from USA +1577412XXXX or its from local German exchange.

I exactly don’t know why it is happening and what will be done for it’s resolution. The desired resolution will be the forwarded device receive CID with 01577412XXXX or +49 1577412XXXX.

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You need to choose how you want your CID normalized and then handle it on the inbound side.

It sounds like you want everything to be 0X. But are you sure about that? What about international numbers? Or do you never get international inbound calls?

To truly solve this you need to know what format your numbers come in as from your provider, under which circumstances.

As for your mobile forwarding issue. That comes down to what you are sending out on CID and how your carrier handles that, and also how the mobile carrier handle it.

Sorlve one thing at a time. Start by normalizing your inbound.

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