Call forward not passsing on incoming mumber

I have an incoming route going to a ring group.
In the ring group I have


When a customer rings - it shows their number on my VOIP Phone
BUT when it also rings my mobile, it shows my trunk outgoing number.

How can I get it to pass the incoming number to my phone.
When I get a voicemail on my cell network - its got the incoming number as my trunk, so i cant dial back the user - it rings my trunk ddi grr

ALSO - same thing (ISH) on my sip phone.
incoming number as normal phone number…
but when i hit redial - it fails as the number doesnt have a 9 in front to dial out

the pbx uses your outgoing local trunks to forward the ring group calls to your cell, so you are stuck with that trunks CID. there are options for CID in the 2.7 freepbx try them and see what happens.
as for the redial you could set up a dial rule on your trunk that adds or strips the 9 you need as required

The trunk CID will only be used on a forwarded call if either:

  • there is not incoming cid.

  • you have configured the trunk in this way with one of the trunk CID options.

  • your provider blocks the forwarded CID and replaces it with your CID

  • the trunk is not capable of transmitting a CID (e.g. a POTS line)