Call Forward - Labels - Change from Home Office Cell

I was wondering if it was possible to change the call forward name labels from Home: Cell: Office:

I have a user that would rather forward an extension to one of three co worker’s cell phone numbers


Is this possible. Are these labels stored in DB somewhere. Are these options editable?

Now I know this is apps based


But the contents of each line should be saved in the DB. So do you also store line labels in the DB I could manipulate that?

Just poking around some of the db fields

callforward, hide_idle_display, 1
callforward, blf, yes

But checking application.php I’m not seeing references to Home: Cell: Office:

Anyone that works for Sangoma that can point me to a better location?

I’m not putting 100% effort into it but yes this would be nice.

main.editNumberField = function(name, display, value) {

    var field = {

        ‘inputs’ : [],

        ‘values’ : {}


    field.inputs[0] = {

        ‘text’ : display,

        ‘setting’ : name,

        ‘inputType’ : ‘numeric’,

        ‘inputParams’ : {}


    field.values[name] = value;

    return field;


So I am thinking this is where the view is being called. I’m guessing that value is defined in applications.php or restapps.php

But since those are encrypted files…

Does anyone at Sangoma/FreePBX know if i’m on the right path?

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