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I’m running Asterisk v1.8.28.0 - it is a “PBX In A Flash” system (FreePBX Version and I want to set up a simple call forwarding system.

The deployment is small - just one trunk with 2 DIDs. Calls come in and are routed directly to a ring group which has two members as extensions.

What I want is for any user in the office (total of 4 extensions) to be able to pick up their number, dial a feature code THEN enter the number they want to forward to and hang up.

Disabling the call forwarder would be accomplished by dialing another feature code.

The idea is to give users control over when/who to forward the call to, so that we can forward calls to the on-call person on rotation that night when the last staff leaves the office.

I have had a look in the “pbx in a flash” web GUI but I can’t find this functionality there. Any help appreciated.

I don’t know about the (old) version you have, but in newer versions of FreePBX you can dial *72${NUMBER} to forward, and *73 to stop forwarding

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Long past end of life, as are versions 10 and 11 which superseded it.When the time comes to migrate to a supportable version, you may find this script helpful:

This could potentially work - but it’s for an extension only. Is there any way to make this sort of feature but for an entire ring group rather than just one extension?

Setup a Queue, and you can log in and off extensions with FMFM enabled using the *45 feature code.

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