Call forward, external to external

Hi Hello,

My first post…
All is working great, but one thing drives me crazy!

I want to forward an external call after 30 seconds to an external line.
I did this in several ways and all same result, not working.

What i did for now is:
call goes to a queue 6003
in that queue i have ring group 603
603 has my mobile number with a # on the end.

when i call to 603 from internal my mobile rings, so thats working
when i call to 6003 from internal it rings too
when i call from external line that goes to queue 6003 it is not ringing to my mobile, internal all phones ring that are part of the queue

i check that i can make an outgoing call while i am calling, so thats ok too.

Any one a solution?


Follow ME?

follow me gives the same result, call from local is forwarded and call from external not.

Extra info:
i work with 2 trunks, maybe thats the problem?