Call Forward Caller ID

We recently installed this system with all the cisco phones and are in the process of fine tuning some of the features and fixing the bugs.

One of the thing we noticed was when we transfer an incoming calls to a different extension, it doesn’t carry forward the caller id of the original call but shows the caller id of the transferring person. This creates an issue and it used to work no problem with our old system. Many times our customer service will get calls and transfer to our sales people and then the sales people will think its an internal call but actually its an outside customer calling.

Is there a way you can transfer the caller id, when you transfer a call.

Is this a phone setup or pbx setup ?

We are using Cisco spa504g phones.

Please advise. Thank you.

Set sendrpid=yes for the extension and, if your phones and Asterisk support it, the caller ID should be updated on blind call transfers.