Call Forward Busy

I have three PTSN lines that come into our PBX. They are supposed to each one call forward busy in turn. Is there any reason we should be getting call waiting beeps on extensions, based on settings in FreePBX? People are calling in, and instead of the calls doing a busy forward, they hear the call as ringing endlessly on their end, but they don’t ring extensions inside.

We have had issues with the phone company disabling call waiting on lines before. Is this the only explanation, or is there a configuration issue in play?

You need to do some troubleshooting there on the POTS lines. If you disconnect your PBX, connect phones to the incoming lines, busy out the first number then dial it, does it go to the second number? You should have a hunt group Line 1 > Line 2 > Line 3 > Line 1.

This turned out to be a big FAIL on the part of the phone company. I’ve been pushing for us to drop some of the POTS lines in favor of SIP. I think after the next bill, I’ll get it done.