Call forward and preserve CID

how can i forward call to external number and preserve the original CID?
for example on IVR a digit to forward call to external number and the external number receives the call and the CID is original CID

If you are in the US and honestly many other countries this will soon be impossible. Most reputable providers will only send a caller id you own. Some will send anything but with things like stir shaken the receiving carrier may outright block the call.

If data coverage permits, forward to a mobile SIP app rather than a mobile voice number. You will be able to send any name and number you like.

If you must forward to a mobile and your provider does not permit sending a caller ID that’s not yours, try a trunk from AnveoDirect or Voxbeam; both offer a small credit at signup sufficient for testing. If the forwarded-to number is in the US, carriers are not currently permitted to unilaterally block unverified calls – there is a mobile account setting (usually the default) that will allow these calls in. However, the carrier may replace the name with ‘scam likely’ or similar (but still show the number). Depending on mobile carrier, there may be an account setting to disable this, or you may have to live with it. Another reduction in the quality of life caused by the bad guys.

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