Call Forward All Prompting Activate - *93 - restrict usage?

Right now it seems that anyone can dial *93 from any extension, enter any other extension to forward, then enter any number to forward said extension to. This is concerning as a malicious person could forward our Director’s extension to the local bar down the street, or perhaps even their own cell phone.

Is there a way to restrict the usage of *93? Perhaps just to certain extensions, or maybe make it so that only certain extensions can do *93 on certain extensions?


Just disable all the ‘prompting’ feature codes perhaps, you don’t lose much.

But I still want some people to be able to use *93. :slight_smile:

That’s a catch22 without digging deep into custom contexts , either you hand write it or perhaps find the old custom-contexts module that’s still kicking around.

I suppose I could customize the code to something like *49324. Then only tell certain people what the code is.

You could but you would likely need to adjust the ‘dial-strings’ in the phones, perhaps only do that on the privileged phones?

Dial strings in the phones? What do you mean?

The commercial Class of Service module allows you to define classes which restrict feature codes to certain extensions.

Cool. I will look into this. Thanks!

A list of ‘regexes’ that the phone will accept as legitimate dial patterns and pass so to the server ‘1NXXNXXXXXX|*XX|[2-9]XXX|011XXXXXXXXXX.’ for a simple example , here you can 11digit dial NANP numbers, all feature codes that match * and two digits , and all your extensions are between 2000 and 9999 and any international number longer than 10 digits. It is either set on the phone, or provided by your provisioning service

I changed the feature code and did a quick test. Our phones are able to dial *49324 and get the prompts without issue.

If somehow this code gets out and becomes a security issue we’ll purchase the Class of Service module.

Thanks again.

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