Call Forward a Ring Group

I have been reading the forums and Elastix without tears and call forwarding seems to be a little lite on information.

Elastix 1.6-14

I need to know how to call forward a DID whens its inbound route is to a ring group not a individual phone. I tried *72 and use ring group extension (608) and that didn’t work.
I did find something strange follow-me only works sometimes.

Getting the call forward issue is a big issue for get fixed since we have to forward the call to manager on duty when no one is in the office.


What about the dial plan on the phone? It must not allow that pattern, that is why the call is completing early.

I cleared all the veritcal settings and still getting fast busy phone display says call ended.

What kind of phone is it? The dial plan on the phone must be set to do an immediate dial on that code.

If it’s a Linksys/Cisco you might not have turned off the vertical service codes.

I setup a day /night control option to call forward numbers to after hrs, but now when i dial the *280 i get a fast busy tone.

In fact it gives me busy when i dial *28 before the zero.
Am I missing something?

When i try to dial * and three digits i get fast busy signal.
Once I dial *28 fast busy I cant dial the 0 of *280. This is only with day/night controls anything with *28 i get error.

Try here:

Can you recommend a place to get more information on day/night mode?

What you should look at is day/night mode change your inbound route to the day/night mode condition, then you create a feature code to map to the day/night toggle to change its state to active/deactivate so when you want to divert to your manager you enable the night mode.

Also useful for public holidays etc… divert to answerphone when nobody will be in the office.

Am I missing something?

Yes, a correct dial plan on your phone.