Call Foreword to cell phone after reaching to voicemail box of Extension


One of our customer needs that when person calls to main office number IVR gives couple of options to reach Extension. when employee on extension don’t pickup the call and it went to voicemail should give option to press 7 and if they press 7 call will forward to employees cell phone. if they don’t press 7 it should just hang -up the call. Is that possible with freePBX?

Thanks in advance.

Yes option seven goes to an extension with findmefollowme enabled to his cellphone (mobile) but probably set it so only if his cell phone user accepts the call ( she presses 1) or might end up in a voicemail somewhere external to FreePBX (All in the Wiki) if the don’t press 7 or any other valid destination send it to the invalid (i) extension

Thanks dicko, you are always a great helper. I appreciate your help for newbie.

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