Call flow toggle control

I’ve been trying to use the call flow toggle control to allow the user to toggle the office welcome message if nobody is in the office during working hours. I have time groups and conditions to manage working and off hours welcome messages. I defined a call flow toggle control with different ivr messages for normal and override flows, and assigned it to feature code 280, but it does not work. Toggling it on/off doesn’t affect the flow, always executing the normal flow ivr message. Never executes the override flow. Apparently it always execute the time condition and bypasses the call flow toggle control.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

Point your “Normal Flow” at your “normal hours” time condition and your “Override Flow” at the “After Hours” IVR

Did you remember to point your Trunk to the call flow control?

More specifically, have you pointed your Inbound Route to the Call Flow module instead of the Time Conditions module?

Hey! Right on the money. Thanks for the help!