Call Flow Toggle Control - Play System Recording - Hangup Call or Send to Voicemail

dear team,

i have activated the Call Flow Toggle Control before. When it is off,
then the regual extension is ringing.

when i enable it, then a System Recording will be played.

And now i need the following:
How can i enable / disable the Voicmail after System Recording was played?
In System recording i have no possibility to add next hop that i can send it to Hang Up Call or send to Voicemail.

How i can reach that?

If i enable CFTC , then the Time Condition is active.
When i disable the CFTC then the system recording will be played.
now i want only to activate or disable the voicemail (maybe also with a CFTC) that after the recording was played that i can then activate or disable the voicemail.

or if it possible only for one extension to disable the voicemail with an code.

thank you so much

Have a look at the Announcement module
If you have a System Recording, create an Announcement

On exiting the announcement you can send the call where you need

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