Call Flow Problem - One employee / Simple business

Reference: Server Config Action -> User Config Action

Inbound Route -> Ring Group (2 extensions) -> User Call forwards at Extension 101
Call Forwarding does not seem to work. Using Grandstream phones with FreePBX hosted in ESXI.

I change the config to:
Inbound Route -> Extension 101
Call Forwarding configured by user works! :slight_smile:

I want to be able to ring multiple Extensions at the same time (just 2 phones in a house) but also allow call forwarding.

Seems like a simple thing to do but is my hunch correct that Ring Groups arenโ€™t compatible with user defined call forwarding?

Another consideration is a Time Condition. Iโ€™ve just re enabled a Time Condition which will forward to the Extension 101 when in business hours. Outside of Business hours it will ring Extension 999 (Voicemail box for main business).

I suppose I could also create a Misc Dest. with the Cell Phone and then have the Ring Group include a Misc Destination (I think that is possible?). This way during business hours, the cell phone would ring always too?

What if I set it up so that the office phone if not answered, would then auto forward to cell? Is that possible? I think that would be an easy solution.

Is there good reading material regarding what Call Flow control options exist and how they logically map together? I feel confused by this aspect of PBX. The documentation has for the most part provided a good foundation of information for localized topics, but I feel like I need a high level call flow doc, if exists.

Everything else is working well, using FlowRoute. Have the server running inside ESXI as a VM. Battery backup on the machine. Router based firewall and responsive firewall. Seems like a great way to save $$$.

For the ring group there are a couple of settings you will want to look at. There is one called ignore CF settings. If set to yes it will not follow and call forwarding. If set to no it should allow for the call to follow the users call forwarding. Additionally, if you are using find me/follow me instead of call forwarding you will want to make sure that extension has a # at the end of it in the extension list. For instance if the extension in question is extension 4237, you will want to put 4237# in your extion list instead of 4237.

As for call flow control you create the call flow toggle and tell the system where to route calls when in normal mode (day mode) and override mode (night mode). Then in your inbound route point your destination to call flow control and the feature index that you built the call flow toggle on. After this is setup you can go to a phone and type in *27+the toggle index and you will be toggling between day & night mode.

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My situation is similar to yours. The DID routes (after spam filtering, etc.) to the office desk phone extension. It has Follow Me always on. Initial Ring Time is 7 seconds, Ring Strategy is ringallv2-prim and the Follow-Me List has the office phone, the other home phones and my mobile number (with # appended).

If I answer at the desk within 7 seconds, nothing else rings (others at home are not disturbed). Otherwise, I can answer on another phone at home or on the mobile. If a call comes in when Iโ€™m already on the office phone, I can answer it via call waiting, but the system is smart enough to not ring the other home phones or the mobile. If do-not-disturb is set on the office phone, calls go to voicemail without ringing anywhere.

Adding another point. You can enable or disable follow me with a feature code, in case you want the user to control this.

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