Call Flow bug: Queues > Extensions and g729 violation


I think I just wanted to let you know that there may be a processing flow bug with Queues to Extensions.

When a call comes into the queue, it creates a channel for the queue and then calls the extensions. This process ends up creating multiple channels and once someone ends up picking up the call, the call ends up with 4 channels and 2 calls bridged in asterisk.

The problem here is we are also using g729 in passthru mode. However since Asterisk is bridging the call and not reinviting the call end to end, this is a violation to g729 licensing.

The Queues module is not bringing the channels back down to 2 with 1 call. It actually takes 2 calls to handle 1 physical call which can reduce the server’s capacity by half.

Is it possible to fix the queues module to support only 1 call per call or are we stuck with using 2 calls per call and not allowed to use g729?

Should I open up a trac ticket based on this?

Thank you