Call files, and Festival Text-to-Speech problems

I am attempting to get call files to work within my freePBX system, and am trying to use Festival to provide text-to-speech capabilities. I’ve gotten basic call files to work, where it simply plays back an existing sound file, but I need to be able to “read” a generated piece of text.

I believe everything is set up OK, but when I attempt to run a call file using festival, I get the call, pick up, and then it is immediately disconnected. Below is the output in the Asterisk log file when it does this:
– Attempting call on SIP/XXXX for application Festival(‘doctor jason is in’) (Retry 1)
> Channel SIP/XXXX-0959f328 was answered.
> Launching Festival(‘the doctor is in’) on SIP/XXXX-0959f328
== Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/festival.conf’: Found

In festival.conf, I’ve got the temp directory enabled, and set to /tmp/ I’ve also checked in the festival_server.log, and there’s nothing in there, even about it trying to parse the information.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you,
Jason A.