Call file rings extension first THEN the end callee, any chance to cut out first calling the extension?

Channel: PJSIP/20
Callerid: "Book In"
MaxRetries: 1
RetryTime: 60
WaitTime: 30
Context: from-internal
Extension: 01234411226
Priority: 1

With the above code, when the call file is moved in the correct location, it first calls the channel THEN dials the extension. Is there any way (an employee has asked, for reasons unknown) to bypass the first step and go straight to calling the extension?

Thank you!

If you wish to reverse the order of the setup, you can use a channel of:

local/[email protected]
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Just understand what will happen when you reverse the flow. The 01234411226 number will be dialed and when they answer it will then call PJSIP/20 so with that flow that means the callee (01234411226) will answer the call and then immediately hear ringing/wait for the person at PJSIP/20 to take the call.

Understand that voicemail is an answered call so if you call the user and their voicemail answers, it’s going to then call PJSIP/20 and they are going to answer to either get the tail end of the voicemail greeting or end up in a voicemail box and not realize it.

So reversing the flow means 1) The callee could answer and it be a person or a voicemail greeting. Without additional checks/steps you won’t know. 2) The callee will have to sit on the call while it connects back to the agent. 3) You have a retries set to 1 minute. If the original call is not answered and retried again in a minute, will the agent a) know that and b) be available for the call


Ah, thank you Tom and Lorne!

I think what the employee was after was basically what Zulu does - when you use click to dial with Zulu it just instantly dials/rings - you don’t have to answer the desk phone in any way before it starts calling the callee

To auto answer, you use the intercom prefix to dial the extension:

local/*[email protected]
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That works beautifully, HOWEVER, if I terminate the call, the system doesn’t drop the call to the callee!

So if I either abort the call while it’s still ringing, it continues to ring the callee
If I terminate the call after it’s been answered, the callee is still connected!


But this has been really fun and I’m v.grateful to you all.

hmm, still struggling with this one - it’s a bit odd - wonder why just the fact that the call was initiated by intercom means the system doesn’t ever want to terminate the call! Would a call log help in diagnosing?

We’ve talked about this before - Intercom calls have been identified as “not wanting to hangup()”. I don’t remember if there was ever any resolution, but it sounds really familiar.

Interesting! Genuinely so. Maybe this or this.

(My normal intercom calls hang up just fine by the way, but not these from a call file going out of system.)

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