Call File Outbound Limits


Has anyone developed a method for limiting the number of call files that process? Some script or something that keeps the total count of call files in the outgoing directory to 10. If it falls below 10, add more from the holding directory?

I didn’t find a specific post, but imagine this had to have come up before.

Thanks for any insights!

My algorithm is to touch the call files as they are generated to a time in the future incrementally as “estimated call duration/reasonable concurrent call capacity” , if there are calls already extant in outbound, add those seconds to the date of call file with the highest date. If not add those seconds to now()

That saves you needing a staging place.

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For efficiency , you can provide “negative feedback” to the loop by modifying your increment dynamically by watching

ls /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing|wc -l

The larger it is the greater your increment needs to be and vice-versa, I should mention that for politeness, you should only create callfiles outside “don’t piss me off” hours, and further tune such times to when calls are likely to be fully completed. (Personally I abrogate cold calling, I hope your calls are truly legit, for me if you call more than one of my DID’s on any of my PBI’s compounded, you would likely be blacklisted/effed with very quickly)

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