Call File in FreePBX 2.8 and Asterisk 1.6.2


I was using call files with asterisk 1.4 and it was working fine. After updating to FreePBX 2.8 and asterisk 1.6.2 it’s not working anymore.
Following is my setup to dial 1-800-123-4567 from extension 200

Call File:

Action: login Username: user Secret: pass Events: off Action: Originate Channel: Local/[email protected] Context: click-to-dial Extension: s Priority: 1 Action: Logoff

[click-to-dial] exten => s,1,Wait(1) exten => s,2,Playback(pls-wait-connect-call) exten => s,3,Goto(from-internal,18001234567,1)
CLI (after answering extension 200)

Called 200 SIP/200-00000003 is ringing SIP/200-00000003 answered Local/[email protected];2 Starting Local/[email protected];1 at click-to-dial,s,1 failed so falling back to exten 's' Starting Local/[email protected];1 at click-to-dial,s,1 still failed so falling back to context 'default' Executing [[email protected]:1] Playback("Local/[email protected];1", "vm-goodbye") in new stack

Any help is highly appreciated

it can’t find your click-to-dial context.

I assume if you type:

dialplan show click-to-dial

it will not see the context. Make sure where ever you put it, it is being included.


Thanks a million, I had that context in a separate file and I forgot to include it in the extensions_custom.conf. Now everything is OK.

Appreciate your fast response.