Call file generating more calls than configured

Hey guys,

Using a call file without parameters like WaitTime, MaxRetries oder RetryTime all is working perfectly fine. The waittime is like the default configurated and i dont get any other calls if i dont answer the first one because default retries is 0.

The problem is happening when i set e.g. MaxRetries to 3 and RetryTime to 30 or sth. Instead of 4 calls im getting multiple calls imcoming with less retrytime than 15 seconds. Sometimes its like getting simultaneous calls.

My phone rings for about 3 seconds and i can see 5 missed calls.
Waiting for about 10-20 seconds and i can see 20+ missed calls. Checking CDR i can see that a few of the calls are completed as noanswer and some of them ending with answer.
Different WaitTime, RetryTime or anything is making it even worse.

I really have no idea what causes the problem.

I would suspect the method by which the call file id generated and placed in outgoing.
outline your process and perhaps setup an ‘inotify’ on the outgoing directory.

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