Call extension from remote location

I am running Freepbx version 2.10.x and asterisk version 1.8.x, is there a way I can call from remote location to a specific extension on my asterisk server?
• My telephone number is +31512XXXXXX
• Extension 2XXX

How can I call the extension from remote location?
I have tried +31512XXXXXX#2XXX no luck

If you are calling from that number and want to call to automatically route to the Asterisk extension then you need to use an inbound route. Setup an inbound route with a callerID number of the number you are calling from and route this to the extension. The format of the inbound number will be dependent upon your service provide so may not be in the format you have shown above. Have a look at your CDR records to see what shows up there or look at the Asterisk log file to see what format the number is presented in.

I have five extensions on my Asterisk server and inbound calls come in quit right, my goal here is to be able to call directly to one of this extension from remote location. Is this possible with Asterisk?

Do you mean a specific remote location or do you want individual dial in numbers for each extension. Either way it is very much possible.

What I am trying to achieved here is been able to call any of the extension from a remote location. I would say individual dial in number for each extension from remote location using my DID number.