Call Event Logging - "File does not exist"

Hi All,
My friend removed a hard drive we used to house the call recordings on, he set the config apparently back to use the local drive. - When in the “call event logging” page, I can see the calls and I can see the ability to play the calls. However, since the HDD was set to be local we now get “File does not exist” when trying to play the file.

As a dummy - HOW can I fix this please?

Many thanks

I am pretty sure all these file entries are stored in a database entry. Possibly the CDR database. You’ll either need to modify the database entries for these records or somehow replicate the path to the recordings so that there are files to reference when loading the GUI.

Ok, an update on this so, this is the odd, I can see / play the recordings via the CDR Reports tab. No problem.

CDR Reports tab = Call recordings work
Call Events Logging Tab = Call recordings showing but say “file not exsist”

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