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Call Event Log (CEL) download (How?)

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(Richard Moricz) #1


I’d like to ask you, how could i download the Call Event Log (not the call history log) from the server.
I tried through the UCP on the 13 and the 14 version of Freepbx.
I configured the user and the group settings like this :

, but when i log into the UCP, there is no download button (I searched everywhere )

Does anyone have a solution to this?
I’m open for any solution, i just need all the diaed numbers of the extension in txt if possible.
(btw on the freepbx v13 i can download the call history, but not the call events)

(Andrew Nagy) #2

There is no way to do this

(Dave Burgess) #3

… so if you want this functionality added to the system, put in a Feature Request through the Issues link at the top of the page.

(Bob Reiber) #4

I know this is an ancient thread but was this functionality ever added?

(Itzik) #5

I don’t recall seeing such a feature in UCP, I might be wrong…

However, in the regular CDR you can export as a CSV

(Bob Reiber) #6

But only one page at a time, right?

(Itzik) #7

What do you mean one page? Whatever you selected and the amount of rows you set to display will save to the CSV.

(Bob Reiber) #8

Is there any way to see more than 100 rows at a time? I’d like to export a few months worth of records.

(Itzik) #9


On the right side in the extra options section.