Call Drops While In IVR

I need trying to figure out why this call drops while in the IVR. Seems to happen every once in a few calls. The log of one of the calls is in images down below. Also a link to the pastebin since I can post links now:

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You can post links now, share the call trace via pastebin. Nobody is going to squint at that.

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Thank you! and thank you so much!!

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You can edit your posts to remove the images…

The call went to an IVR but there was no DTMF input so ended up in voicemail as the failover destination. VM aborted due to lack of audio

[2022-12-05 10:41:31] VERBOSE[31089][C-000000d7] app.c: Recording automatically stopped after a silence of 10 seconds

My guess is that some inbound calls have one-way or zero-way audio so can’t get thru the IVR.

Hmmm okay, that actually makes a lot of sense. I will have to look into this and do some testing! Thank you!

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You are right, it seems to be intermitten one-way audio. I was able to reproduce and maybe every 10th call would have one-way audio

Turns out it was a problem with forwarding on the number carrier side. It has been resolved by them

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