Call drop every 15 minutes

Found that Call drop every 15 minutes.
It only happens with specific Sip trunk provider.
Check with them why it’s happens and his answer is:
“Please note calls are disconnecting after 15 minutes as your end is not responding to our re-invites. Our switch will send a re-invite to your roughly 15 minutes into the call to prevent fraudulent behavior, if your end fails to respond as you did here, calls will drop”
My asterisk version is - Asterisk 11.6-cert7
And Sip trunk peer details:

Please advise, need help.

Try qualify=yes

If that doesn’t help, please post:
PBX in cloud (which?) or on-site?
On public IP address or behind a NAT?
If on-site and behind NAT, router/firewall make/model? Special settings (port forwarding, ALG, etc.)?
What firewall and related software running on PBX?
Does trunk use registration or IP authentication?
Do both incoming and outgoing calls drop after 15 minutes?
Does BYE work correctly? (Call your mobile using the failing trunk. Answer call. Hang up PBX extension. Does mobile show call disconnected?)

Thank you very much.
It’s look that problem resolved.

… and the solution was …??? Other people will search and find your question. Help them out with the answer. If the qualify=yes solved the problem. let us know so we can mark that as the solution.


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