Call does not land to other extensions if a call is not recived

Hi everyone,

I have installed freepbx 2.5.2. have enabled welcome message and queue with the static members. we are facing problem in call landing.

Call rings to one extension and if that agent do not pick the call other callers fall in waiting/queue, wherein there are 3 more agents which are free but call does not lands at the Idle agents. What i understand that if agents are free then call should land at all the idle agents and if all gets busy then caller should be putted in queue.

Kindly help me to troubleshoot the same.


You did not tell us what version of Asterisk you have, we need that information along with a summary of your environment and how it was installed.

installation was done through the distribution copy (includes cent os and other modules). after installation there was queue and IVR module have been updated from the internet. The original asterisk version 1.4.X.

Kindly help

What is a distribution copy?

I have no idea what you are talking about. Do you install CentOS, Asterisk and FreePBX from scratch or did you use one of the distro’s?

Also what is original Asterisk 1.4? We need the full version number.

How long ago was this install done? Your FreePBX is very old and your Asterisk is likely passed end of support.

It is one of the distribution copy for centos, asterisk, freepbx. and actual verison is 1.4.24. We had installed it 2 weeks before.

Also if i use the latest copy of freepbx with one of disro. face some problems like noise in calls etc.

even sometimes E1 card can not sync properly with E1. Requires frequent restart.

What distribution? There are many distributions. Is it Elastix, trixbox, PBX in a Flash?

I need the exact Asterisk version.

I also asked you how old this system is, did the feature ever work correctly?