Call diverts

Good morning all,

I have a different configuration that I am trying to make work. I setup call diverts from an extension to a mobile number and this works perfect but I want to be able to configure is if this mobile number tries to call the extension, it should ring the extension and not divert the call.

Is this possible?

Thanks all.

I wouldn’t think so. Using call confirmation would help, I suppose, but even then I don’t think you’re going to get the seamless interaction it sounds like you’re looking for.

Two inbound routes

  1. Caller ID Any & DID 555.555.5555 - route to virtual extension (mobile phone).
  2. Caller ID MOBILE PHONE NUMBER & DID 555.555.5555 - route to extension directly.

Even if you didn’t use a virtual extension, two regular extensions could share the same voicemail.

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