Call Detail Record Freepbx 2.10 -- CallerID not shown in CDR Columns or Report

In the Call Detail Report (CDR), there is no column for the CallerID to be displayed. The database has the information saved because you can sort or search for the info, but not display it. IE, in the sort facility, you can sort for “Jim” or William, and you will get results that are correct for people with that name, but you will never see it in the results of the report because the column in not there. Is this a bug or is this intentional?

Hopefully this column can be added or some capability added for the user to choose the columns they want/need displayed.

To see the CLID info mouse over the “Source” column and the item you want the info for. This is temporarily helpful. Only if you do a .csv file do you get a print out of the info.