Call Control & Calendars

Before I shoot myself in the foot, does anyone have input on the best way to manage call schedules with the calendar module?

I’ve read the documentation, I’ve linked my calendar, I’ve figured out a solution but I’m not sure if it is the best one.

What I currently have is a single calendar (ical format) with time blocks to specify the doctor on call - simply with a name in the calendar time slot.

I can control time conditions now based on having an appointment in a time slot. I can also make groups and select specific appointments within that calendar. But it looks like I have to login to freepbx and reselect which the appointments when they change.

I could also make 3 calendars, one for each person. And then put an event when they are on call.

Is there a better way to go about this? If someone has a link I’d happily read it. I wasn’t successful in finding a solution with web searching.

Edit to add : latest distro, just installed.

Looks like the calendar module is great for busy routing and office hours. Not so good for directing calls based on specific calendar events.

Any chance of supporting calendar title regex in the calendar groups? So a group would match if the calendar had an event scheduled and the title matched a regular expression string, evaluated in real time.

Two words: Feature Request

Thank you. I will. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t somehow mis-understanding the interface to the calendar groups window.

Done -

I did look at the source code… way beyond my capabilities.

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