Call connection drop on mobile device side when network switch from wifi to cell and vice-versa

Hi all.

I run Freepbx linked on my local network.
I have ZoIPER in my mobile device as a SIP extension.

I can receive external calls via my Freepbx on ZoIPER. All works perfectly.

The main issue is when my mobile device switch from Cell network to my personnal Wifi Netwok, or Wifi to Cell.
-> Connection drop on client side while caller remains online for a while.

I have checked that switching time between wifi to cell is less than 10 seconds, and ZoIPER reconnect immediately (I can see in Freepbx that the extension disconnect then reconnect in less of 10 seconds).

What can I do to get a continuity in my phone call when switching network ?


You would need some sort of proxy/SBC/media system in between your device and the PBX. You’re changing networks which means you’re changing IPs and because you’re going from Cell to Wifi you’re not only changing local IPs, you’re changing your WAN IP.

The call on the PBX is sending and expecting information from the IP(s) that started the call. When you jump networks the PBX is still sending traffic to the IP the call started with. As it stands there is nothing in FreePBX/Asterisk on their own that would do what you are looking for.

Zoiper needs to reinvite the media to it’s new IP you got. Bria softohone does this.

Thanks all for replying.
I will check if ZoIPER can do the reinvite or not, and if not ask for this functionnality…

I let you know.

It works !

In the extension settings -> Advanced Tab
“Can Reinvite” = “Yes” (previously was “No”)

In Zoiper account my setting for host is still my public IP address.

My mobile device do not drop the phone call when changing network from wifi to cell, nor cell to wifi !

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