Call Conference limitation

Hi All,

   Is there a way to bypass the 3 user limit conference call, using conference on the phone itself. note static conference bridge not an option, conference call needs to be dynamic and initiated on users phone. thank you for any helpful suggestion

Technically it is not really a conference call, it is 3-way calling.

Probably not, but we don’t even know what phones you are using. I have never seen a phone that allows this to happen. Most phones don’t have the computational power to mix all the audio streams.

Some phones, such as Polycom SoundPoint IP 450, 550, 560, 650, and 670 can do local conferencing with up to four parties. On Polycom, the optional ‘productivity suite’ is required. This package also allows initiating and managing a server-based conference of any size from the phone itself.

IMO, a phone’s tiny screen and limited controls do not make for good conference management. If the host has access to a computer or tablet, there are many systems that allow him to see who’s talking, mute and drop participants, and add new ones, using his phone only to speak and listen…

Stewart, can you post a link documenting this? I can’t find anything?

Sorry, I had not realized that Polycom is now including the conference management features in the base phones.