Call Centre Help


We are setting up a call centre for our business but have little experience in using FreePBX. What I can gather the main requirements are that:

1 - We require the use of ACD, so that calls are assigned to an agent based on the amount of time they are off the phone, so that the calls are spread evenly among the agents. Any help on how you would set this up would be appreciated.

2 - We require that calls can be recorded for training purposes. We are not sure with this one where the calls will be recorded to, and how much free space we should allocate for this feature.

Any help that you could give us would be really useful.


FreePBX can do what you need here:

  1. When setting up a queue you can specify a ring strategy. One option here is “fewestcalls” so the agent who has handled the fewest calls on this queue gets the next call. There are also various other ring strategies that might meet your needs.
  2. Calls can be recorded to the server itself. They can be listened to via the CDR reporting or via the user portal. Each users gets a login to the portal and there is also an admin login who can listen to call recordings.