Call-center solution

We are currently using freepbx,
And I would like to have a full call-center solution that would have the following features;

  1. Extension login/logout - or an option to mark an extension on break (In case the employee take a lunch break etc…)
  2. dashboard showing total number concurrent calls and alike in real time
  3. Distributed dialer - based on a queue that will be populated by an API (the dialer should take in consideration if an employee is on break/logout, in conversation and such, configurable working time)
  4. The ability to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Just to be obvious here… I’m looking for a payed supported solution, and any custom/additional developments according to our needs will of course be paid additionally.

So please guys, share your experience :slight_smile:

Thank you.

PBXact (Sangoma) might be a good place to start. PBXact is the commercial offering of FreePBX. They can take your requirements and quote you the cost of several solutions. They also can quote you for custom work and offer support packages.

Thanks for the info,
But that would require me to entirely rebuild a telephony server which I would like to avoid if possible,
I would very much like to integrate a solution with my already existing freepbx server.


I don’t think so. I think that everything just installs on top of the base FreePBX.

Put in a commercial support request and see what they actually tell you.