Call Center, new to commercial module

FreePBX 13 hosted, cloud, not same town, etc lol
Asterisk 11
isymphonyV3 3.4.1 build44 (trial mode until May 15)
Zulu 2.0.19 (paid)
CRM Link (paid)
Sysadmin (paid)

Not my first FreePBX deployment, but my first call center deployment yes.
Everything work perfectly fine if it were a regular business deployment.

Need to be achieve that I didn’t figure out yet and asking some “colleague” help is this:
1: How do I link the CRM Link of FreePBX to appear in the iSymphony.
2: Call history, call recording and voicemail doesn’t appear in the dashboard, I need it to be.
3: Call popups, since nothing appear in isymphony I didn’t expect to see a popups on incoming calls.
What is currently working I can see all “Agent” other user with their name, if they are online, or away, etc. so I’m guessing the isymphony server is working (installed on the same server of the FreePBX)

1: Want it to be sync with that iSymphony
2: End call reports, is there a way after a call end, the “Agent” can write down some comments on the call and be save in CRM or something similar?
3: Speed dial/BLF, is this fonction exist with ZULU?
4: Call from different DID, call center currently using NEC and it allow any “Agent” to choose to call from the DID they want (call from A, B, C or D DID).
What is currently working, can receive call, make call, call extensions, do like a softphone do.

To anyone answering this, you don’t have to answer all of it, if you know one of the answer to any of that, it will be much appreciated.

Thanks guys.