Call Center Bundle trail?


Is there any trial or online demo version for Call Center Bundle? We would like to test it as see if this is suitable for us?

You can find demo’s and webinar’s on most commercial modules of FreePBX on the Sangoma YouTube channel

In addition to @PitzKey’s suggestion, you should also contact Sales and see what they have to say about “Preinstallation Engineering Support.” Between the two, you should get a solid understanding of not only your options, but if the package will work for you.

Thanks guys, but watching webinars is not the same as using trial system. 3cx allows demo environment to be used

I hope you understand that this is not 3cx, and the modules weren’t built the same way…

As Dave said, the best way would probably be to contact Sales and ask them to demo it for you.

Free trials for some modules are available, but not for all. I don’t believe there are trials available for a whole bundle, but that is something you can discuss with your sales rep.

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