Call busy from one number to extension

when I call from a number and choose the extension via IVR, it always gives me BUSY, while if I choose others it works. I did other tests from another number and it makes me call that extension. until a few days ago it worked, then to do some tests from that number (I’ve done a lot) I think he banned me or put me on some blacklist and I’m always BUSY. I tried using the Blacklist module but nothing appears.
how to solve?
Thank you

Is this extension registered to an IP phone?
Some phones have a blacklist option, so it is possible that your number has been blocked on the endpoint (phone) and not on the PBX.

Anyway, please paste the Asterisk log for a failing call at and post the link here

You can also just post the eight last characters of the URL

The problem was in spa122 configuration.I was added my number , dont know how, to Block Last Caller.

Thanks for reply.

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