Call Barging issue with Macro

Below is my Code and i am facing Macro related issue in it.

exten => _*222x.#,1,Macro(user-callerid,),Noop(Entering LISTEN in extensions.conf)
exten => _*222x.#,n,Answer
exten => _*222x.#,n,NoCDR
exten => _*222x.#,n,Wait(1)
exten => _*222x.#,n,ChanSpy(sip/${EXTEN:4},q)
exten => _*222x.#,n,Hangup

I am getting below error

pbx_extension_helper: No application 'Macro' for extension (xyz, *2221234, 1)

I am using Asterisk version “Asterisk 16.18.0” can anybody please guide me.

When you compiled asterisk did you select the deprecated app_macro in the make menuselect bit?

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Befrank with you previous developer install asterisk on our server.
I have check using menu select and its selected but in modules folder i am not able to fine file.

I have attached screen shoot for the same.

I have got suggestion that i need to recompile the asterisk but i am not aware about how to compile it. can you please guide me.

after recompilation are my extension.config, sip.config etc file will be override.

Do you suggest any alternate for the app_macro ? in many places i have saw that alternate for app_macro is app_stack but i am not aware how to implement it in above solution

After make menuconfig you need to make to build the modules, you can then manually cp it or make install to have it automatic, it won’t overwrite your ‘config’ files in /etc/asterisk, but there is no guarantee that it will be completely functional either.

This is completely wrong. You can’t have both on the same line. The noop needs to be priority 1 or 2 but it can’t be how it is now.

Let’s be clear on something, there are a lot of Macro()s currently being used in FreePBX. You would have failures all over your logs if app_macro was actually not working right. Almost nothing would work.

Is this the only thing you have an issue with or is your PBX throwing errors left and right about Macro not existing?

PBX throwing errors left and right about Macro not existing. I have checked in menuselect app_macro is selected but in modules not present.

As has already been said, FreePBX is unusable without app_macro.

What did you do after running make menuselect? Why are you using a custom build?

Does exist in the apps directory where you ran make menuselect ? (It should be after a ‘make’) if so you can just copy it to the modules directory.


I have check apps folder i can see app_macro.c file but not file.

I can see for some modules .so file is present but for few modules its not.


Attached Screenshot for your reference.

‘make’ is the method used to compile the c files to create the .so binaries.
I suspect that for you, starting over with a ‘distro’ will be easier and quicker.

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