Call back module db problem and feature codes missing

I am having a problem with callback v 1.1. When I try to install (activate) the module it results with this message on the callback page:

“SELECT * FROM callback [nativecode=1146 ** Table ‘asterisk.callback’ doesn’t exist]”

It appears that the db table entry is not created. Activating the module also breaks several other modules most notably the digital reception entries with complaints about the missing data base table entry.

I am running FreePBX Version 2.1beta3 on [email protected] 2.8. I did the wrong thing and deleted the apparently broken modules on initial install. Then activated the new modules. Most of the other problems from that have been squeezed back in line with the beta changes.

I also have lost most of the feature codes since installing FreePBX. Somehow they didn’t load into the db either.

How can I fix it? All help is graciously appreciated.

backup your .conf files to someplace

Check for the Force version install for whatever version you had before…reinstall by force it then do the upgrade once more…it may take renaming of current folders under admin I had to do the install twice to get it to take…

If I was you I would roll it back to a stable release I have had nothing but problems with the FREEPBX “upgrade” You get one thing fixed only to find out that the fix breaks five more things…

too much “stuff” going into FreePBX without any really testing of the complete package

I have done the force option several times. I don’t have any trouble that I know except for the two Items I mentioned. I hope the callback module will be modified to create the db entry correctly.

Maybe someone has a procedure to add the feature codes that I am missing. I could plug them into the db or add to the conf files but I need to know what is the correct way so they will stick when added.

Otherwise the build I have is stable to my knowledge at this point. The modules, update process and interface are a great improvment… Thanks for all the work to get it this far.

(I notice the development guys seem to be on the Whirlpool forums more than here. I that the official place to look for help?)