Call answered elswhere - show extension in display who has answered

Hi FreepPBX Community,

we’re using snom Phones, is it possible to configure freepbx to show WHICH extensions has answered the phone. Our phones do only show “call answered elswhere” is there any setup configuration HINT how to solve this ?
Is this a Freepbx feature or may a feature on SNOM Phone that must be enabled?

I woul apreciate any HINT , Help on this .

thanks a lot.

You are using Ring Group ?

there is a setting in ring group which you can enable and disble.

Mark Answer Any where


hey thx.

i have set " mark answered elswhere " to yes - but it is not showing WHICH extensions has answered the call.
do you have another idea ?

In SIP the mechanism which does that doesn’t actually provide which extension answered the call. The call is just cancelled and it adds a field that says “something else answered this”. Any further information would be done outside of that mechanism.

For reporting, the answer will be in your cdr or cel tables in the asteriskcdrdb database.

I don’t think this would be supported by SNOM, but BLF/dialog-info from FreePBX has information about caller/callee and call direction: BLF display called Number on Outgoing calls (notify)
Computer (if users have it) can be used as separate console, running softphone with just BLFs.

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