Call another extension when listening to voicemail

I have a client that is used to being able to press * or # whenever someones voicemail kicks in and being taken back the IVR to be able to dial another extension. Is there a way to do that in FreePBX? Doesn’t have to use * or #, it can be any feature code.


VMX Locator:™

That is for each individual user no? I dont want to have to make everyone re-record their voicemail greetings. If i enable this for everyone will it just sit silently in the background and not disrupt anything else?

VMXLocator is built into the system. Is there some reason you can’t try it on your testbed? You can enable it on the client’s extension and see if it’s what they want, and if it isn’t, disable it again.

Of course I can try it on my test bed. I was just trying to be lazy and get a quick answer if its a non-disruptive silent thing or if its going to make my client re-record their grettings. :slight_smile:At least I am being honest. lol

No problem. For a test, it’s simple to try. It shouldn’t have effect on any other parts of the voicemail system, but the best plan is to test it. You never know, I might be trying to burn your system to the ground. :slight_smile: Not really, but you get what I mean. Once you’ve tested it, you’ll have a lot more confidence and will be able to answer questions that a cursory “Yeah, it works.” from one of us wouldn’t prepare you for.