Call 4 digits numbers


I have a customer who needs to call the number 1927
But the number ring busy.
I think this is because the freepbx try to call an extension and not an external number.
Someone know a solution to call the 4digits number ?

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Is it only 1972 that they need to dial, or there are more 4 digit numbers?

If this is the only number that simply add it to your outbound route dial patterns, if there’s more, then you will need to figure out a pattern that matches your 4 digit numbers.

I think this is better to autorize every 4digits numbers.
Can you tell me the pattern who matches the 4digits number ?

My dial pattern is actually ==> .
I think that’s the default dial pattern.

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A dot should allow everything. Do you know if your provider allows 4 digits?

A call log should tell whats up.

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