Calendar using COUNT dashboard warning (And calendar seems to not work...)


I’ve started seeing the following error on a PBX which I reckon is due to a linked calendar having events with a specified # of repeats:


This was due to high CPU use caused by infinitely recurring events (FREEPBX-17403). While this bug was being worked on, we advised customers to set specific # of repeats to prevent the high CPU issue.

Is there a way to query the DB to get a list of calendar events that have a set number of repeats so we can advise the customer to change them to infinite?

Also I am not seeing a significant performance impact. Can anyone comment on what specifically slows down?



Just an update, it looks like a time condition that uses a calendar with recurring events with a specified number of occurrences doesn’t work.

[2019-02-18 10:12:45] VERBOSE[28050][C-00000034] res_agi.c: Launched AGI Script /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/calendar.agi
[2019-02-18 10:12:45] VERBOSE[28050][C-00000034] res_agi.c: calendar.agi,calendar,goto,b1dcb989-1683-45ff-a99f-ad40bf8130d3,default,dHJ1ZXN0YXRl,ZmFsc2VzdGF0ZQ==: Checking Calendar
[2019-02-18 10:12:45] VERBOSE[28050][C-00000034] res_agi.c: <PJSIP/vi-main-in-0000003f>AGI Script calendar.agi completed, returning 0

The calendar does show an event at this time but the script doesn’t seem to be checking it. I’m waiting on the customer to re-create it without the COUNT specified to see if that fixes it, otherwise will roll back the module.

EDIT: Calendar version:

Calendar is at version which already fixed your issue. Why would you rollback when the fix already exists.

Thanks for the reply, @tm1000. We typically do not use edge modules on customer systems, though this would certainly be a case for consideration. We just ran updates and was (and still is) the latest QA passed version.

[[email protected] ~]# fwconsole ma listonline | grep calendar
| calendar             |   | Enabled and up to date                     | GPLv3+     |

I was trying to find documentation on this issue / fix, and I’m not sure which issue is most relevant, do you mind tossing me a link?

Thank you,


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