Calendar syntax details

I’m trying to implement 2 calendars in my call routing:

  • Agenda with National pubic holidays
  • Agenda with Override regular opening hours

Via the statement IfThen I would like to control this, but I would like to have the calendar syntax to be used in the IfThen statement. This is not clear to me and I can’t find it. What is being tested (event in calendar present ?) and which results can I expect ?

And ofcourse details about the syntax

Thanks in advance

Okay… looking into the asterisk 14 you see different calendar functions. In calendar.conf more details are available… but it seems that FreePBX seems has implemented it a bit different. No issue there, but what if I want to add this functionality in my Dialplan… ?

Where can I find this info for FreePBX?

After two posts, I still have no idea what problem you are actually having. You haven’t told us anything at all about WHAT the problem is; only that you are having one. Please slow down and tell us what you are trying to do and how you expect to do it.

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