Calendar module sync to EWS

Working with the calendar module in FreePBX 14.

I set up an exchange calendar, and linked it to our administrator’s AD users and to an AD service user. All of these users can see the calendars in OWA or in outlook.

When I go to add a calendar in the module, howerver, it only shows ‘Calendar’ and ‘Birthdays’ as my available calendars to sync. Is there a kind of calendar that is excluded from syncing? I’ll attach some screenshots in a minute.

Okay, so I can’t get screenshots because now when i go to edit the calendar, I get this:

Curl error: Peer’s certificate issuer has been marked as not trusted by the user.

Not sure why that just cropped up, but I’m thinking I have to delete and recreate the calendar. The exchange server is internal.

The certificate on the internal AD server is invalid.

Okay, we indeed had a dns caching error. For some reason the pbx cached the exchange server’s external IP, and was getting the router’s self signed cert. I restarted network services and the cache cleared, the site loaded properly.



I dont know what “Security On-Call” calendar types are but they have a “contact” logo. Probably not supported by what Calendar Module is doing

Turns out the calendars are ‘room calendars’ and aren’t attached to any particular user. In this case I think we can attach them to our service user and go from there, but is this not supported, then? Perhaps I should enter a feature request.

You can enter a feature request but to be honest I don’t know how to setup a calendar like that in EWS so we wouldn’t be able to help you. The code is open source however so if you find a solution you are more than willing to add patches and submit them back

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