Calendar Module authentication fails to EWS

Not sure exactly when it happened, which is unfortunate, but my Windows 2016 domain controller stopped accepting authentication from my calendar module. We use the calendar module right now for syncing on-call schedules and company holidays from an Exchange 2016 server.

The LDAP synchronization is working, using the same user/pass.

We’ve tried resetting the password, using a weak password, nothing seems to get it to authenticate. I can log in to owa using the credentials and get in just fine, browse the calendars just fine.

The computer attempted to validate the credentials for an account.

Logon Account: [username]
Source Workstation: pbx
Error Code: 0xC000006A

I should add that, to me, this just came out of the blue. We’ve been using the same password for a few months with success, until just recently.

In FreePBX, after submitting settings, I see a red bar at the top of the screen with “SOAP client returned status of 401.”

We are also using the calendar module on 2 different installations and have been having issues on both since yesterday. Seems like time conditions set are not following the calendars.

After trying a few things, everything seems to be working ok now on our end. No idea what happened

Our failure probably occurred within the last couple of weeks. The UCP is not heavily used at this organization, thus LDAP sync didn’t expose issues (same user as calendar sync).
We will be more regularly using the UCP as we recently started using fax through SIPSTATION.

401 means unauthorized. That comes directly from exchange itself. If you didn’t update any modules then it’s something to do with the remote exchange server. Unfortunately Sangoma no longer uses exchange internally so I have no way to test this at this time.

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