Calendar.conf caldav not working anymore

I noticed that my caldav function in FreePBX was not working anymore. During the analysis I found the following details.

** addtional detail…

I manually editted /etc/asterisk/calendar.conf years ago and was using these settings and would show (and update) the defined caldav calendar. This calendar is being used in an custom_extension.conf

exten => s,1,Set(CALENDAR=${CALENDAR_BUSY(Openingsuren)})

Just added the same calendar via the FreePBX GUI with a different name and it shows correctly, but can’t find any scheduled events on the asterisk commandline ***

/usr/lib64/asterisk/modules/ is present and it is loaded
(checked /var/log/asterisk/full).
calendar version 16.0.13

I can’t see any future events via but verified there is an event coming in 24 hrs.

asterisk -r
calendar show calendar Openingsuren

Name : Openingsuren
Notify channel :
Notify context :
Notify extension :
Notify application :
Notify appdata :
Refresh time : 15
Timeframe : 1440
Autoreminder : None

I’m stuck in the next step of diagnosing this issue mainly because I’m not familiar with debugging these issues. Checked all logs, but no issue found. Any help is much appreciated

After reading a lot about the calendar functionality and how it is integrated in the FreePBX concept I concluded that my solution to work with a /etc/asterisk/calendar.conf does not make sense because the functionality is integrated.

In the past I created an external calendar process (based on /etc/asterisk/calendar.conf) parallel to FreePBX Calendar (which was not used but installed) and that has worked for years (but currently not anymore)

The internal FreePBX calendar is working as designed but I need the variable that I can use in my custom_extension.conf

exten => s,1,Set(CALENDAR=${CALENDAR_BUSY(Openingsuren)})

I would expect that any variable can be checked via the “external” CLI on this platform, but

$>calendar show calendar Opening

does not provide any info.

Questions to the experts:

  • How can you check the upcoming events in FreePBX (like calendar show calendar Opening ) ?
  • Is there an explanation why I did see the correct calendar info on the CLI (as defined via /etc/asterisk/calendar.conf) ?
  • Can the integrated FreePBX calendar be disabled and will that make the CLI asterisk calendar work
  • Is it possible to call the integrated FreePBX calendar function from custom_extension.conf

The FreePBX calendar engine is independent and separate from the asterisk calendar functionality. When I pitched the idea of calendars in FreePBX I planned to use the functionality in Asterisk. It was one of those this will take 5 minutes, easy peasy things. Turns out the asterisk calendar stuff isn’t heavily used or overly flexible. In any case I had to write an entire calendar engine for FreePBX. It wasn’t as fast or fun as I had hoped and calendars are much more complicated than one would think. In any case there is a chance one of the libraries are out of date (no pun intended) or there is another bug. If you can provide reproducible steps I would file a bug at

Being independent the asterisk and FreePBX calendar stuff can be used at the same time, neither will break the other.

Hooking Calendar - FreePBX OpenSource Project - Documentation Explains using it via code. this shows the code called when you call the functions

Thanks for clarifying this. I will continue to read & investigate in this issue and provide feedback here. I need a solution :wink:

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