Bypassing Local Server to Forward calls

Hello all.

I’m currently running the latest version of FreePBX distro as upgraded from the System Admin module and using SipStation trunks with the SipStation module.

Many of our users are configured with Follow Me to forward their extensions to mobile phones. This system is relatively simple and works great, except for perceptible latency when talking to someone who has been forwarded in this way. Is there any method for using SipStation (or potentially other SIP trunks) to have the call bypass our phone server once the forward is triggered? I’m completely fine paying for the two call paths (one incoming and one outgoing).

Similarly we have an IVR option that directly dials an external third-party support provider who we use to outsource simple support requests. I have this currently configured as a virtual extension that uses Follow Me to dial the 1-800 number for the support provider. This again has perceptible latency. Is there a better way to handle this forward?