Buttons missing in EPM (Solved)

Upgrade to 13 from 12 distro. EPM missing buttons for Provision Server Protocol. Trying to troubleshoot S500 autoprovision, but can’t tell which protocol the template is set for… I have removed and reinstalled EPM. (ver.13.0.2), removed and rebuild all existing Sangoma templates. At a loss of what to do next.

Submit a ticket - from what I’m seeing at a lowly user, there’s a lot of working going on in Commercial EPM.

Look for “Issues” at the top of the page.

Before filing a ticket, ensure EPM is fully up to date. Current version is 13.0.45 (post shows 13.0.2, i.e. waaaay behind)

Yeah, I failed to notice it was out of renewal date. Update to current .45 solved. Thanks.

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