Butt into existing call

I have a situation where calls hit a ring group that contains several Polycoms and 1 cell phone. Suppose a call gets picked up by the cell phone, and the user wants to pull the call back to his desk phone. Would there be a way?

On the cellphone dial ##EXT (replace EXT with the extension number or ring group number to send back to the extension or ring group)


Have I told you lately just how brilliant you are? This works great! I figured once a call gets boomeranged out to a trunk, we’ve lost control of things. This is great news!

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An update. I’ve found if a call hits the desk phones and the cell phone as a ring group, the cell can answer and transfer back to a desk phone. However, if a call is at a desk phone, and that phone manually transfers to the cell, the cell cannot transfer back. I haven’t tried running a call to the cell phone through an IVR yet. I suspect this will be a job for Zulu mobile. I need to get that running, perhaps in the coming weeks. Need to figure out firewall settings, etc.

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This is the dial options someplace in the path.

The Tt

I’m sorry. I don’t understand your reply.

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