Busy tone on dial out, Endpoint Manager issue (Fixed)

Hi guys, after updating the core from to (and did not fix it) I was having the following issue with Cisco SPA 303 phone:

I was not able to dial out from the phone, be that a local extension or a regular number. When it is off hook I hear a dial tone, then right after the first digit is dialed I get a busy signal.

From outside the PBX I can, however, dial the 1xxxxxxxxxx number associated with that extension and a healthy connection happens.

So after reading this post I figured my dial plan got messed up somehow. I went to Endpoint Template Manager and cleared the dial plan (under general), saved and pasted that same dial plan again. That seemed to have fixed the issue.

Hope this helps somebody.

If o pick up phone and dial, i have to be quick i have the dialtone only 3-5sec then i got the busy tone, some of me phones canĀ“t dial this fast. how to change this to aboute 10sec or longer ?